Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yeah....about that...

As you can tell I obviously didn't post anything gay about myself yesterday. I did that because I started writing something, then realized how much information about myself I'm putting out there...and not really good stuff.

So to preserve my option to run for public office someday, I most likely won't be posting anything of personal detail about the following...

*Streaking experience. (no picture needed)

*My love of Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals.

*The fact I wouldn't mind driving a more fuel efficient car, even though they look like a baby shoe.

*My iPod playlist that includes Cher, Scissor Sisters, and Celine Dion (which is balanced by the playlist I have with every single AC/DC and Van Halen album, so THERE!)

I have a hard time believing they don't feel like dancin'.

*I have perfected the art of Man-gina. (again, no picture needed)

*I see no problem taking my chihuahuas camping.

See that wasn't so bad. I hope the spirits of college football take notice of my sacrifice and grace our beloved Dawgs with the motivation they need to really stick it to South Carlina. And yeah, a few of those things were embarrassing, but it's not like I sit down to pee...often.

So now all my dirty laundry is aired out, we can get back to what really matters, Georgia beating the hell out of USC in a few days. As much as I loved watching Bobby Johnson scissor kick Steve Spurrier in the nads last Thursday, I wish the Gamecocks were still ranked like they were going into Nashville (they were #23 I believe at the time).

Perhaps that might finally give us a win over a "significant opponent" like everyone claims we need to get before we get any attention toward our Heisman candidates (which weren't I think is total horse-squeeze).



Sweetie said...

The Chihuahua items on the bookshelf in the background is a nice 'manly' touch to the picture of Olive and Pepper.

bigphilnaglee said...

We are going camping next weekend in the Cohutta Wilderness. Let's see you take your sweet pups there.
You, me, Disney, Greaseman, Josh Moor, and possibly Lil' Benny.

Baxter Sanford said...

Oh wow...the Cohutta. That's taking me back to some great times. Another reason to hate not living in Georgia anymore...check box no. 1,245.

Anonymous said...

Van Halen makes you SUPER gay

Mackalicious said...

Anon 11:46am,

Take it back.

Anonymous said...


::In best Luke Skywalker voice::