Monday, September 15, 2008

Good News/Bad News

As some of you know, this blog isn't only dedicated to UGA sports, I occassionally cover music stuff too because I'm a huge fan of classic rock. Well, I've got some good news and some bad news.

Good News:
AC/DC is coming to Philips Arena December 16th. I can't wait.

Bad News:
My #1 favorite band of all time, Pink Floyd lost a member this morning. Richard Wright who played keyboards/synthesizer and sang back-up vocals lost his battle with cancer back home in England. I say back home, because he also had a house in Atlanta he frequented. He was at the Roger Waters show I went and saw back in 1998 when I was in high school. Without Richard Wright there isn't half the cool effects Pink Floyd became known for in their early stuff (circa Dark Side of the Moon, Atom Heart Mother, Meddle). That unique haunting voice that sings Breathe, Us and Them, and other songs is actually guitarist David Gilmour's voice harmonized with Richard's.

I stand behind the fact I believe Roger Waters is and was the brains behind Pink Floyd, but without Richard Wright a lot would be lost.

Watch this portion of The Making of Dark Side of the Moon if you want to see how important he was musically and vocally.

Sometimes I foolishly don't expect legends to die and it feels wierd when they do.

July 1943 - September 2008

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