Monday, September 29, 2008


Not looking good for you Willie, the natives are getting restless.

Wikipedia Entry for Willie Martinez

UPDATE: Looks like the powers at be fixed some of the "editorials" that got mixed in with the entry.


Ally said...

What did it say before it was edited?

Mackalicious said...

Something to the effect of...
"he has no idea how to blitz, make an adjustment, or put anykind of pressure on a quarterback....he just plain sucks ass"
"rumor has it he may be partially blind based on the fact he couldn't see Alabama tearing his sh*tty zone defenses to shreds"
"please fire this guy"

Ally said...

Lol - sounds about right to me.

Congrats to your wife, btw. I'm sure she had the night of her life watching that first half at least.

Geez, that was just brutal. Just glad its over. Bring on UcheaT! Maybe Willie will learn something about defense in the next two weeks.