Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bama Blackout

I spent most of the summer and the first few games thinking we'd blackout Tennessee. Well, I was wrong. I guess we're going to go state by state with this wrecking ball...fine by me.

Picture from Russell's Flicker page...hope you don't mind.

Break out your blackout attire, it's time to make a BIG statement in front of a BIGGER television audience.

St. Nick vs Evil Richt (how's that for a change of roles?)

I'll get my thoughts of the ASU game up later, I still need to gather them, but until then can someone tell that guy in the background with the ASU polo to pick his jaw up off the ground?

He obviously doesn't Know-shon.


Russell said...

Nope, not at all.

Go Dawgs!!!

We should try and meet sometime.

Mackalicious said...

You going to the game this Saturday?

Sports Dawg said...

I figured it would be a "Bama Blackout", but I also think there's a chance we might wera black in Jax since it's our home year...

Russell said...

I'll be there starting about 9 in the AM.


Josh said...

any relation to rico suave???