Monday, September 29, 2008


Well, that was a crappy weekend.

It's not that I mind losing, and furthermore it's not that I mind losing to my wife's school. It's that I don't like losing games that we get blown out in the first half. Why? Because the first half is all the media remembers.

This was The Splenda Bowl all over again. No one remembers we lost to West Virginia by 3 points. They just remember Dick Rod's boys having their way with us for 2 straight quarters. The Tide did the same thing and our defense crapped in their silver britches. However, I'm very proud of our fans for sticking around. Sometimes we get a bad wrap for leaving early when times are tough, but whatever happened in the locker room worked and we showed up for the last half. A 31 point deficit is hard to overcome, but we would have done it had we held them scoreless. Then again if "ifs" and "buts" were candy and nuts I wouldn't be eating this bologna sandwich for lunch...I be eating candy...AND NUTS!

Alabama has a good team, but their team isn't as good as we made them look for the first half. We got out-coached, out-played, and straight up bullied in our own stadium. At least now our boys know we're not invincible and hopefully will play the remainder of the season with a chip on their shoulder. If we run the table on the rest of our schedule (which is NOT what I banked on happening), we'll be back in the title hunt...but now my priority for the Dawgs is winning the East.

Congratulations to Sweetie and the rest of the Alabama fans who made the trip. It's a great feeling to win a big game in what should have been an impossible environment (The Blackout definitely had the fans there, next time if the team would show up it'd be nice, K thnx). I promised my wife we'd stick around until the end of the game regardless of the outcome. She's been a good sport the past 3 UGA/BAMA games, the least I could do was swallow my pride for the proverbial jackhammer to the sack we know as "Rammer Jammer".

As for the black jerseys, I have mixed feelings as to their future. Coach Richt wouldn't make a comment regarding what to do with them, but I know stuff like that dies hard in the SEC. Again, I like what it does for the fanbase, but if the players don't understand the concept of "we'll do our part, you do yours" the whole atmosphere concept is bunk.

All hard feelings aside, I had fun last weekend (and if I keep telling myself that I might begin to believe it). The tailgating was awesome and hearing Florida lose via the cheers coming across Williams Street from The Blind Pig Tavern was heaven on Earth. It was a tough week for the top 10, but the AP & Coaches polls were extremely kind to us. If I had known the worst case scenario was sitting at #11 after a loss I would have felt better Saturday night on the ride home. But we've got a loss under our belt, and it's time to hunker down for the long road ahead.

Go Dawgs, and 1000 Bloody Marys to the Crimson Tide. My only request is that you do the same thing to Auburn & Tennessee and hopefully we'll get another shot at you in December.


bigaphila said...

It was a bad weekend for the SEC east all the way around. As I'm sure you've seen the Gators lost this weekend as well. Ah well, Number 12's not too bad. I guess number 11's not too bad either. Could be worse, at least there were no Appalachian State type losses.

Mackalicious said...

Amen. As long as we're losing to respectable teams we won't be like Tennessee...that, my friend, is a blessing.

Fake TT said...

Uh, technically, even if you'd held Alabama scoreless you still would have lost. I know better than most that scoring 30 points when your opponent scores 31 lands you on the short end of the stick.

Mackalicious said...

Dearest Fake TT:

Having held Alabama scoreless in the second half would have changed Georgia's gameplan as to not try for 2 (which failed) on their second-to-last touchdown. That would mean the PAT gave us the extra point needed to tie it up.

And don't argue that PAT's aren't guaranteed. Blair Walsh doesn't miss kicks under 70 yds away.