Wednesday, September 3, 2008

They've got a LeFevour, and the only perscription is...

...more cowbell?

So, I hear on AM750 this morning CMR pulling LeFevour's meat about how he was as good as Tebow production-wise (27 passing TDs / 19 rushing TDs) but because of what Tebow did by himself he wasn't getting the coverage. He also said their spread offense is similar to Southern's but they aren't trying to break in rookie QBs.

Well, when I go up to Athens this Saturday here is what I want to see.

1. A beautiful day (right now they have Hanna pulling a Reggie Ball and choking out just north into Charleston) but it should be mostly sunny, high of 89 come game time.

2. Willy Martinez lighting a fire in the jock-straps of his defense. I want to see LeFevour on his back more than (current popular ho-bag) at (place where current popular ho-bags go to get laid). None of this opening day BS where we're jumping offsides 14 times before the ball is snapped. No seams, no gaps in coverage, no scores in their column that aren't multiples of 3 and it better not break two digits...bottom line. This game is a great opportunity to impress this guy.

3. Get Knowshon in there, let him score 3 TDs to keep his stats up, then take him out. We saw Caleb King, AJ Green, and Richard Samuel be competent guys on offense so let them get some reps in. Keep Knowshon healthy for conference games...please.

4. More on-the-job training for Blair Walsh. You know what happens to Tennessee @ UCLA if they have a competent kicker? I guarantee you it wouldn't result with Fat Phil eating his weight in calzones at the California Pizza Kitchen Monday night to "kill the pain". Their guy was missing distance shots Walsh was splitting 50/50 last weekend. I'd really like to see him give it a shot around the 50 yard line going into the half...just for craps & giggles.

5. Coach Richt to take our ranking downgrade to heart. Yeah, I've heard a lot of response about how we should be glad we're not #1 anymore, but you know what? I've also had Marshall Applewhite tell me black Nike's and UFO-comets kick ass but I ain't buyin' it so stop trying to sell it.

Don't be upset, my child. Here, have some Kool-Aid and watch Ohio State play Ohio.

I think we should approach this just like the Hawaii match-up. If they want to see a real team play, we need to take the Dawgs off the leash. We've fed the boys a cup cake, now it's time to throw 'em some red meat.

Tentatively I'm calling it UGA 40+, CMU <10...what do you guys think?


Darryl Strawberry said...

Dawgs 48 - CMU 17

Dawgs 31-7 @ half

Scott said...

I think CMU may put up some points, especially in the second half.

UGA 48
CMU 24

Dawgs up 41-10 when we empty the bench. I know it hurt our ranking last week, but I think our upcoming schedule dictates that we sit guys once we are comfortably ahead. We need to keep our starters as fresh as possible, as well as build depth to guard against the inevitable upcoming bumps and bruises.