Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pollack's New Job

Does anyone remember a football player named David Pollack? I think he played for Georgia but I can't be sure, I'm just going off the information I'm given.

Anyway, I read in the AJC that he has a new job with 790 The Zone. He'll be on their drive-home show from 4-7 talking sports and anything else he wants to talk about...and we will listen, attentively.

So with that being said, I want to recreate an exchange I saw between him and Loran Smith once.

If you weren't aware, Pollack has jet-engine fuel pumping through his veins and has difficulty sitting still or waiting on things. Loran Smith on the other hand has been alive for 134 years and is in no hurry to finish a sentence or tell us how much Charles Grant loves boiled peanuts.

The following interview came a couple years ago during a UGA homegame.

LS: "Hey Larry, I'm down here with... uh...Cincinatti Bengals star, David Pollack. David...tell me what how playing in the NFL is different than college ball."

DP: "WellLorantheNFLisafastpacedenvironmentwhereeverythinghappensatthespeedoflightandyourunninginto300lbgiantstryingtocrushyouasopposedto19and20yearoldkidswhotendtobounceoffwhenyourunintothem."

LS: "What's that? You were talking so...uh...fast I couldn't catch what you...said. Anyway, David...ah...tell us about your..."

DP: (looking impatient) "...injury?"

LS: "Well yes that...and what your plans are...once you feel 100% again."

DP: "TheinjuryIsustainedbrokemyneckin36differentplacesandthedoctorssaidIhadtowearthebracethatboltsintomyskullwhichwasreallyuncomfortablebutwasnecessarytokeepmyheadstraightwhilemyspinehealedIjustprayedtoGodwhileIwasinjuredthathewouldallowmetostayaliveandtakecareofmywifeandyouknowLoranitsbeensuchahugeblessingbecauseitgavemetimetospendwithmyfamilyandreadtheBibleandnowImoutherebecausecoachMartinezinvitedmetocomeandspeaktotheplayersandIthinkI'mtheluckiestguyintheworldasforplanswhenmyneckhealsIdlovetoplayballagainbutifGoddoesntthinkthatswhatIneedtobedoingthenIknowhe'llopenupanotherdoorformethat'sjusthowheworks."

LS: (looking lost/confused) "Well that's fan...tastic Davey. Tell us...what do think the...um...Bulldogs need to..."

DP: (looks down the hall impatiently)"...sorryLoranIgottagothecoachesneedmenowbye!" (runs down the hall)

LS: "...work on in order to...oh, alright good luck...David. Larry...back up to you."

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