Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Well, I told you guys earlier I'd made out pretty dang good over the course of Christmas. So here, in no particular order (though the best ones seem to stay in the front of my mind) are some of the gifts I got.

#1. A banjo...you're damn right, a banjo!

(also pictured, a Rush 2112 album. WOOT WOOT!!1)

#2. Various reading material.

(you can never be too well informed)

#3. UGA grill cover and a UGA Grill Topper!

(now all my wieners shall be branded with "Georgia"...all of them)

#4. Underwear
(not pictured)
...funny story, I figured I wouldn't take a picture of the underwear I was given and look online for a skimpy man-thong or something to be funny. Little did I know if you go to google and do an image search for "man thong"...you don't get a picture of underwear laying out on the counter, you get male models...Ugh.

#5. Premium Booze

(...technically I purchased the 1792 for myself to look good with gift #6)

#6. Denture-shaped ice cube trays.

(Yep, these are just as cool as they sound. Also, looks badass in a lowball glass with 1792 and a splash of lemon concentrate)

#7. My sister back home...with gifts!

This flag actually flew in Iraq, how cool is that?!? She also gave me one of those middle-eastern lamps like from Aladdin but there wasn't a genie in it.

#8. A home office

delivered next Tuesday, should look like this.

#9. Defensive Pressure

I believe a thank you is in order for Coach Martinez. But don't be surprised if I'm looking for this again in the Fall, deliver the goods or you're back on my $#!t list.

Happy New Year to you, as of right now Ole Miss is pillaging all of Coach Leach's booty. That would be a great start to 2009 for the SEC. Regardless of what Quinton at Georgia Sports Blog thinks, I always cheer for the SEC. Don't get me wrong, I hate Florida as much as the next guy but I do believe in the strength of conference unity. Seeing the ACC lose 2/3 of their bowl games hurts their street cred. At the moment South Carolina has been the only dud of our conference. (anyone surprised though?) The Big 10 is a proven bust yet again this year, watching the Big 12 bite the dust after their pomp would be just as entertaining.

Remember, it's not GO 'DORES, HOTTY TODDY, GEAUX TIGAH'Z, ROLL TIDE, or GO GATORS...it's chanting "SEC, SEC, SEC..." in the face of other conferences. That's how I justify it, take it or leave it. However, I still bleed Red & Black and hate Urban Meyer as much as the next Dawg.


Anonymous said...

Someone REALLY awesome must have gotten that banjo for you.

Ally said...

Mack did your sister serve in Iraq?

If so, please tell her thank you & God bless her abundantly for her service!

Great gifts, but the flag was by far the best one. What an honor!

Congrats on the awesome haul and Happy New Year!

Mackie said...

I don't know Ally, those denture shaped ice cube trays are right up there too!

But now that I think about it the flag probably does trump that.

the tri guy said...


Please tell your sister thank you for everything she's done. That's a gift you can't put a price on.

Anonymous said...

Wow man, you really did clean up. I'm diggin' that banjo.