Monday, December 15, 2008

Tech Fans = Misinformed

Kit over at The Dawg-Gone Blog posted the following misinformed comment from a Tech fan...

Yes, UGA will always be the football school, while Georgia Tech ranks much better in academics. Being a Tech grad, I'm happy with that and the fact that my income also ranks over and above my UGA friends'. So all you UGA fans go to the game next year in your beat up Chevy, and I'll go in my new Mercedes, and we'll all watch another good round of football. But when we leave, I'll go back to the Town Club while UGA grads go back to the farm and the convenience stores.

I find it really sad that football is UGA's biggest accomplishment.

Perhaps this person should first understand driving a Mercedes into Atlanta and leaving it parked while you're at a football game is a sure-fire way to get your car broken into and/or stole't.

Number 2, I would suggest anyone and everyone go out and pick up the latest copy of Smart Money Magazine. It is a publication put out through The Wall Street Journal and it ran a great article this month. It is in regards to the average ROI (Return on Investment) on a collegiate degree from every school nationwide. Public, Private, Ivy League, they're all compared. I think you'll find the placement of the University of Georgia rather interesting.

That being said, I will yet again readily inform you all I did not attend the Harvard of the South, UGA. I received my degree from the Princeton of the South, LaGrange College.

Originally I tried to find a link from Smart Money's website but couldn't. Since then, I've found essentially the bulk of the information I tried to get across available at UGA's website. You can see the results here.


j.leonardjr said...

Don't forget we lead in Rhodes Scholars 21 to 3.

Eric said...

No Rhodes here, but glad I could do my part to help.