Monday, December 15, 2008

Your Guide to an "AS SEEN ON TV" Christmas

Part II: The Snuggie.

A few people commented on the last As Seen on TV post about the Snuggie. If you are unfamiliar with the Snuggie, check the commercial out below.

I'd seen this ad before, but the more I watch the creepier it gets.

A whole family decked out in these "blankets with arms" surrounding a fire smacks of Hale Bop.

If you are cold-natured (like yours truly) here is what I would do before considering the purchase of a Snuggie...

1. Turn the heat up...if someone complains tell them to SHUT THE @#$% UP OR ELSE YOU'LL BUY A SNUGGIE AND WEAR IT IN PUBLIC TO EMBARRASS THEM!!1

2. Throw on a sweatshirt. Who needs a blanket with sleeves when you can wear a shirt with sleeves.

3. Use a blanket (sans sleeves) and if the phone rings tell your wife to answer it while taking a break from the dishes/dinner/laundry/child birth.

4. Purchase multiple dogs to sit on and/or around you.

5. Drink hard liquor 'til the chill wears off.

...Hope that helps!

If I receive this for Christmas I will:

Have a pair of black Nike's, $5.75 is a cash advance, and a cup of phenobarbital laced Kool-aid ready to exchange with them. I'll also let them know the spaceship anxiously awaits their arrival.

After all, it's what Marshall would have wanted.


bigphillystyle said...

#3 is my favorite, mos def shawty, mos def

dean said...

Damn that is funny. Thanks for the laugh. Who in the hell would wear those things outside the house? They look like some crazy ass cult family in those things.

Not to go nerd on you but do those not look like something the Emperor's imperial guards would wear?

Mackie said...

Yes Dean, they kind of do. Also, congratulations on your win over UGA this year.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine a football player on the sideline with a damn snuggie on him. Pretty sure he would get the shit kicked out him - which would be the least of his problems.

funny dude

Anonymous said...

if snuggies were around during heaven's gate, no one would have drunk da koolaid