Sunday, December 14, 2008

For Auburn, Chizik = Great Hire!

GRRRRREAT work, Tigers!

In case you are wondering why I'm not on the "Auburn's AD made a moronic decision to hire this loser" bandwagon, I present to you exhibits "A" and "B".

Exhibit A: In July of 2008 I went on record with the following dumbass statements.

"I think Alabama's return to greatness will be delayed yet another season because of JPW's return as signal caller."

"...until the Crimson Tide get a competent QB under center they won't be beating Auburn anytime soon much less playing in the SEC Championship."

JPW is of course, John Parker Wilson, and if you are looking for your eggs, they're on my face.

Exhibit B: I can't give you a specific date or quote (automatically making it inadmissible in the court of law), but I'm sure at one point in time I made a joke about Tech's highschool offense being totes lame and Willie Martinez's teh awesomxorz defense shutting...them...dooowyyiiiiiii.

In addition to those previous statements, I would like to go on record with the following comments regarding future occurrences:

-Knowshon and Matthew will leave for the NFL.
-UGA will not go undefeated next year on their way not to win the national championship.
-Tim Tebow will delay his missionary work for one more year for Gator football.
-I won't receive a big Christmas bonus this year.
-My wife won't give me AC/DC's Nintendo Wii Rockband Track Pack.
-My early male pattern baldness will not be temporary and won't reverse itself.
-All the time and effort I put into this blog will never blossom into a killer book/movie deal.

Glad I was able to get that all out on the table there.


Anonymous said...

That I understand!

Anonymous said...

I mean, I don't understand.