Friday, December 5, 2008

Milestones WOOOOOOooOooo!!!!

In just 158 days I've managed 20,000 hits. My Office Depot calculator tells me that averages 126.58 hits per day. What it doesn't tell you is that I hit refresh a minimum of 120 times per day. In all reality there is a group of approximately 70-75 who swing by with a fiber diet-like regularity and that does a lot to keep me motivated, so thank you.

Here's to 20,000 more!

...and Go Dawgs.


Sports Dawg said...

Congrats on 20,000 Mack - I'm stll trying to get to 10,000. Keep it flowing.

BFR said...

Congratulations on the milestone! We at BNE just crossed over the 10,000 threshhold recently ourselves. We're hot on your tail! Great blog, we enjoy it. Keep it coming!

Unknown said...

Blog without pants all you wish, but you undeniably cannot blog without fans. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

keep'm comin Mack...the jerry seinfeld of bloggers