Thursday, December 4, 2008

...really, Abuurn???

Is Abuurn really that dumb?!?

Talk about a down year for (firing/letting your head coach walk). Tennessee had to settle for Lane Kiffin, whom I can't possibly see as a long-term head coach for the Vols. Who is Abuurn going to get? When I hear the list involves names like Leach, Petrino, and (Paul) Johnson I REALLY REALLY REALLY thing Abuurn just screwed themselves.

Then again, with the level of opposition our defense provides Leach will do just what Paul Johnson did to us last weekend.

I would love to see Tuberville wind up at Mississippi State. I can't stand the guy because afterall he is the enemy, but I also don't like a cocky fan-base outing a more than competent coach. If Tuberville went to Miss. State, do you know what that would mean???

Imagine the hated rivalry games based SOLEY on previous head coaches...

1. LSU - ALABAMA (Saban)
3. OLE MISS - AUBURN (transfer to) MISS ST (well the Egg Bowl could use a good storyline).
4. AUBURN - MISS STATE (Tuberville)

The SEC West could potentially turn into the football version of 90210 with so much triflin'!

...lets make it happen.


Anonymous said...

The changes this season are a little bittersweet, with Fulmer and Tubby both gone. Bama's most hated rivals have lost those hated coaches behind the rivarly.

Anonymous said...

Auburn is moronic for letting Tubby go, but I can't say I'm surprised.

As for Tennessee, I would not say they "settled" for Kiffen. Have you seen his wife????? SMOKIN'

Thou shalt not covet thy rival football team's coach's wife.

Tom said...

Auburn would be scary good with Paul Johnson