Monday, January 5, 2009

Weekend thoughts

Things are finally starting to soak in, football season is essentially over (in regards to the stuff I really care about). My fix will now have to be strung out over recruiting news and draft decisions. As I've said before I assume 24 and 7 to be stackin' cheese next year, but a little part of me deep down wonders how awesome it would be for one (or both) of them to say "Screw the Pros, I can play in Detroit or Oakland next year but right now I'm gonna become a legend in Athens, GA." (cue John Cafferty's "Hearts on Fire")

Either way, I'm not holding my breath, but if they show their loyalty I'll buy their NFL jersey in 2010 as show of mine.

Also, I didn't watch the Sugar Bowl in realtime. I was actually at the Thrashers / Canucks game that night and I set the DVR to record it. The hockey game was great and apparently 2 guys had unfinished business before the puck was dropped. Once the ref started the game these guys were dropping gloves and going to town...ahh the joy of hockey in 5 minute penalties, is there anything better?

After Atlanta won in an overtime shootout we avoided all contact with radio and television to make it home and start the game from the beginning...and it was all downhill from there for Saban's Elephants. Their offensive line looked like is was comprised of 5 Mackalicious's trying to ward off a defense who wanted to smell John Parker Wilson's hairspray.

To help my wife get over the loss of her team, we decided we'd go to a movie on Saturday. So we went to go see the best feel-good movie since The Notebook, that's right, Marley & Me. If you thought Old Yellar was a hilarious romp, you'll LOVE Marley & Me. Needless to say my wife had to talk me off the balcony by bribing me with Swedish Fish and Reese's Pieces.

I was pleased to learn UGA landed Branden Smith (verbally) over the weekend. He's a monstrous DB and hopefully he'll turn into an all-around football machine like Champ Bailey was. That would require his potential be full filled with competent coaching though, that's what we'll have to trouble shoot during the off season.

I'm glad UGA's season ended on a high-note. The only good thing I can imagine about football season ending is hopefully Tebow declared himself eligible for the CFL's running back draft so he can get the hell off my television with that stupid-ass clip of him walking angrily up and down the sideline with field paint smeared all over his face. If my math serves me correctly
Tim Tebow + Angry Eyes + Field Paint = "OMG TTbow is teh futball Gawd Obamaxorz OMGZ!!!1"

Lord, please let him go pro...and not in Atlanta.

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Anonymous said...

Mackie, naturally I refer first to your college football national championship coverage. So, as you can imagine, I'm a bit disappointed. We eagerly await any breakdown/predictions. GO GATORS (SEC for you)!!!