Tuesday, January 13, 2009

10 Football Expectations for 2009

1. I'm expecting Georgia to have a 2 loss season in 2009.

2. I'm expecting us to drop an ugly game we should have won, perhaps one we didn't prepare for properly.

3. I'm expecting Tim Tebow to leave the University of Florida with a 1-2 record as a starter against Georgia. 2-1 is not an option, it must be 1-2 and I'm counting on Joe Cox to make this happen.

4. The evening of November 28th, 2009 I'm expecting us to leave a few blocks of property across the interstate from the Varsity the same way that heathen bastard William Tecumseh Sherman left it.

5. I'm expecting a minimum of 1 sack & 1 INT by our defense each game. This we are owed.

6. I'm expecting our QB to have 3-4 seconds minimum per snap in the shotgun formation. This Joe Cox is owed.

7. I'm expecting Blair Walsh to kick the football and have it go between the goalposts for each fieldgoal, point-after, AND KICKOFF. Give up the directional garbage.

8. I'm expecting my Dawgs to still be playing football in January of 2010.

9. I'm expecting a harsh welcome to the SEC for both Coach Kiffin and Coach Chizik sincerely from the Red and Black.

10. Season openers have become the new Christmas, I'm expecting the next 235 days to DRAAAAAAAAAAAAAG by.


NCT said...

Excellent list.

Anonymous said...

Love the list, especially #s 3, 4, and 5. And now begins the long wait until next year's season. It can't come fast enough. Go Dawgs in '09!

George Houston said...

i can live with that.

Unknown said...

I like the taste of #4 in particular. This list should be bronzed and placed at the entrance to the practice field on the first day of spring practice.