Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Martinez to Miami?

As I made my rounds this morning, I came across the link posted at Everyday Should be Saturday stating University of Miami (not Ohio) is showing interest in bringing Coach Willie Martinez on as their Defensive Coordinator.

All I've got to say is...


If it sweetens the deal I'll throw in a butterfly knife, some 40's of Olde English, and a bootleg DVD of Scarface, Mayne!

They say if you love someone set them free. Well, I REALLY love you Coach Martinez and I REALLY want to set you free.

As for suggestions of whom I think would make a better replacement DC...

- Christopher Lowell
- a warm stick of butter
- someone made entirely of feathers
- a really friendly labradoodle
- the paperclip guy who tries to help me with Microsoft Word

...pretty much any of those would be a step in the right direction should Coach Martinez depart. Progress should be instantaneous, ya'll got any ideas?


dean said...

My top 3 would be:
Kirby Smart (h/t Ridgedawg)
Bud Foster
Dick Bumpus

Kirby Smart is a dawg at heart(really didn't mean for that to rhyme). I think he would be a strong possibility and a good choice.

Bud Foster at VT always puts a quality product (of course it's against ACC opponents). He may be interested in testing his talents in the SEC.

Dick Bumpus just because of his name. Nah, really TCU has had a solid defense under Bumpus (could also be partly due to Gary Patterson). While the competition they face week in and week out is not top notch they've held their own against the big boys (see Oklahoma '07).

Bernie said...

IF (big IF) this happens (ie. DC @ UM opens up AND CWM actually is dumb enough to take it) Garner is the only name that makes the list. Strictly my opinYUN. Just sayin'.

I like Kirby Smart. But didn't we have him on staff in '05...before he bolted to the NFL? He likes sniffin' Saban's rear too much for this Dawg. Maybe he'll one day prove me wrong.

IF all that happens and either Garner is NOT on the list or he doesn't feel he's ready himself, then we should have our choice of some very nice candidates.

Ally said...

Seriously, I'm gonna have to start wearing Depends before I can read your blog! Absolutely hilarious.

If he left Garner would get the DC job - CMR loves hiring in house.

Dream candidate though is USC's (the real one) Ken Norton Jr.

the tri guy said...

Come on Mac....you know it's all about this U!!!! I'm a soulja!!