Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quick Hits:

Work is busy because Bossman is out. Here's a few things:

-Steven Hill decided to stick with Tech. I figured he would this late in the recruiting process. We pretty much threw a last second scholarship at him when Cameron Kinney decided to go to Oklahoma. He also was also quoted by a friend as "Always having a thing for Asian chicks."

-The recruiting/team news is pretty much a rollercoaster right now. We lost a guy to Tech (see above), Oklahoma, Toby Jackson is going to JUCO (which sucks), and somebody left Hargrave...lots of detail in that last one. However landing the combo of DB Greg "No Jorts" Reid and TE Orson "I wanna be #7" Charles would totally make up for it.

-Did anyone else watch Jon & Kate + 8 last night? If so did you see Aaden Goslin attempt to say the word "Poop"? It came out "P'yoop" and was so cute I immediately decided I want 8 identical twin boys. My wife then proceeded to run to the kitchen, grab a butcher knife and immediately start stabbing it into her stomach and lady parts screaming something to the effect of "NOT IF I HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT!"

-HEY, speaking of my wife. She called me this morning with a funny story on my way to work. To preface, she's one of these people who gets up at 5am to participate in a Boot Camp fitness program. She noticed one of the girls wasn't showing up very often, and was told the girl had started assisting a high school with their FCA program. She also found out this girl was Coach Ray Goff's daughter. If you knew my absolute love for Coach Goff (W/L records aside) then you shall know my sideline behavior when my future spawns grow-up to play sports.

-18 days until Spring Training starts. The sooner I get to see Jeff Francoeur ground-out into an inning ending double play, the better! This also is a means to ease the restlessness caused by the break between football seasons.

-Remember this?

It was AJ Green's first touchdown as a Dawg. I had to pay Comcast $30 to see this and it was worth every penny. Next season holds a lot of promise for this kid.

-Regardless of the fact I mentioned children twice in this post, fear not. The world is safe from the risk of my DNA dropping a Baby Ruth into the gene pool. These events are a LOOOOoooOoOong way away...but when it happens, you'd better hold on to your f%*&'n hat!


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Anonymous said...

You should do a post sometime about how you are the "Jeff Francouer" of our co-ed softball team.