Friday, November 21, 2008 it me?!?

I must have the most rare sense of entertainment because for some reason television shows I enjoy get cancelled. I'm not really one to make a habit of scheduling my life around a television series, but that's what DVR was invented for.

It started back in highschool when Comedy Central cancelled The Upright Citizens Brigade which was a sketch comedy show featuring a pre-SNL Amy Poeler. More recently, last year they cancelled Notes from the Underbelly which I thought was hilarious. This year's casualty is ABC's Dirty, Sexy, Money. Of course DSM isn't a comedy but as far as entertainment goes it was a pretty dang good show.

R.I.P. Jeremy Babison - 2008

Now my life is supposed to go on without knowing what that snake Simon Elder is trying to do to the Darling family business. But it's all good because I can take the edge off a long day at work watching that fat, whore Rosie O'Donnell host a variety show...GREAT IDEA!




Anonymous said...

I'm saddened by this news. We should start watching shows like Dancing with the Stars or one of the many CBS 30-minute sitcoms. Inevitably, they would be cancelled, because we started watching them.

Anonymous said...

Hey, do you think you guys could just slate ALL reality TV for your evenings? I'd be a much happier person without that useless portion of Americana.

Scott said...

DSM was still good, but this season has been much weaker than the first one, in my opinion. The writers made everybody stupid, especially Karen. Even Tripp had become a caricature, and I thought he was one of the best characters on TV last year.

Last season, the characters were layered...this season was just a soap opera, which if you saw the interviews the stars and writers were giving before the season, appears to be what they were aiming for, for some reason.

I was much more upset about losing Pushing of the more clever and well written shows to come along in a while.

If you're looking for some other shows to watch, check out my blog if you get a that football season is winding down it's going to be much more TV-oriented. Since I'm a very boring person and TV is the only thing other than the Dawgs that I have enough interest in to blog about.

As long as you promise not to kill any of them off.

JJ said...

Arrested Development is the all-time classic case of great show cancellation. I believe it may have been the greatest show ever on TV. Then poof. Its gone. Travesty.

Anonymous said...

You think you're a cancer on telvision shows? How about Peter Krause.

First, Sports Night. Now this.
(Both on ABC no less)

I guess he had Six Feet Under but network TV is different. And I honestly like the guy and the shows he's been on.

Anonymous said...

JJ -

Arrested Development movie in the works. Have faith.