Thursday, November 6, 2008

...really, Mark Bradley?!?

Mark Bradley has obviously focused his attention at building up the UGA/Tech game by pulling the Nerd's meat in this poorly executed column.

The question: Which 7-2 team is having the better season?

The posed arguments:
-Tech has gone up, UGA has gone down (ranking-wise).
-Tech is in position to win their conference championship, UGA isn't.
-Tech hasn't been embarrassed in any of their losses.
-Tech is ranked 33rd of 119 in least penalized D-1 teams, UGA is 119th.

There are other points but when I try to read them they all turn into written out versions of the "Charlie Brown teacher" speaking noise.

Bradley's conclusion:
Tech is having the better season because it's been a pleasant surprise for it's fans.



-Tech has raised in rankings because when you are ranked at the bottom you tend to go up if you win. UGA went down 3 spots before we even lost a game. We lost to 2 of the current top 5 teams, Tech gets taco-popped whenever they play a team from the state of Virginia and takes 2 losses from unranked opponents (one of which opened up it's season with a sweet 45 point loss margin).

-Tech is in position to win it's conference championship...also, I'm in position to win the hurtles portion of the wheel-chair olympics. Lets try to compare apples to apples if possible, Mark.

-Tech hasn't been embarrassed in any of their losses because if you aren't expected to compete and you play a close game it is to be admired. Georgia kept the Bama game close but I'll be the first to admit we got our fudge packed by the Gaytors. However, I'll take a loss to an SEC opponent over a loss to an ACC opponent anyday...what's embarrassing now?!

-Tech may rank 33rd in least penalized teams, but UGA ranks #1 in most penalized teams BEEEEYOTCH!!! Eat it or we'll make you eat it!

Mark Bradley can build this up as much as he wants to, but I guarantee you as gay as it seems to complain about the posibility of a 10-2 season before bowl season starts we are pretty dang lucky. Pretty much anyone who looked at our opponents before the season started thought "Dang, that's a tough schedule." and assumed we'd take a loss here and there anyway. Yeah, we had some high hopes, but now since Kentucky should be a great whipping boy and Auburn is going to be like wrasslin' with your mentally challenged cousin; the Dawg Nation has it's eyes set on taking Tech's lunch money for the 8th straight year. Ask Donnan, Goff, or hell even Vince Dooley himself how a 10 win regular season here and there would have faired and you'll get the same positive response.

The season ain't over Dawgs, it's time to put a hurtin' on our last two SEC match-ups and hope Paul "Bobby Hill" Johnson takes notice. All we're playing for now is "Eight Straight In-State" (copywrite 2008, Pantsless Enterprises) and we've got our eyes set on the What's in your wallet? Bowl.

So Mark, saying Tech is having the better 7-2 season is like saying the poor kid down the street had a better Christmas than us because the Salvation Army brought him a slightly used Bob the Builder doll. Meanwhile we're partyin' with our new iPod, Nintendo Wii, and a whole mess of Lego's uncle Knowshon got us.


See you on the 29th, NERDS!


Ally said...

"Tech is in position to win it's conference championship...also, I'm in position to win the hurtles portion of the wheel-chair olympics. Lets try to compare apples to apples if possible, Mark."

LMAO!! Nice. Funniest thing I've real all day.

The UGA Graduate said...

I am fan of the "taco-pop"... just sayin

nice work

Ally said...

Wow - Pollack (on Pollack & Bell show) just now agreed with Bradley and said that Matt Stafford is highly overrated, especially in the big game. Said he's prove he can't throw to win a game.

Hard to argue with him.

Anonymous said...

the "What's in your wallet? Bowl" as terrible as that sounds. Assuming Penn State doesn't go to the 'ship, we could likely be playing Ohio State. I've been wanting this game for at least 5 years, could it really happen???

Mackie said...

Oh, that'd be a great match-up between a couple of big-name teams (plus that'd give OSU the opportunity to be 0-10 against the SEC).

the tri guy said...

Bradley should have waited a week and a half before coming up with this brilliant article.

We'll see how great Tech's season looks when they're headed to Athens a miracle fumble away from three straight losses to play a team they haven't beaten since Clinton was getting Lewinskied.