Friday, November 14, 2008 that a nutsack?

I was trying to get some inspiration to write about the Abuurn game tomorrow, but I gotta be honest, I'm fighting a serious case of writers block right now. I blame it mostly on work being completely overwhelming this week, but I still try to pop out a post each day regardless.

Then it struck me, we need to play balls-out football tomorrow. If nothing else go out of SEC play with only 2 losses. We've got a well timed bye-week after Abuurn with enough time to get guys rested and healed before the Nerds swarm Athens. So play a little more loose, make the tackles hurt, and win the friggin' game by a blow-out margin.

Anyway, the whole balls out inspiration came to me from a video post over at Catfish & Cornbread. It's from the 1986 UGA/ABUURN game many refer to as "Between the Hoses". I could be wrong about this, and if it was in HD I'm sure I'd be able to tell...but watch this video and tell me if anything sticks out to you.

Specifically around the 1:02-1:05 mark. There is a guy in grey pants with a black sweatshirt walking toward the camera. Does he have his nutsack hanging out?!?

Now I completely understand where the guy's coming from, I was in a fraternity in college and there were plenty of times I've seen guys waving their junk at people. But if that guy really is out on the middle of Abuurn's football field not only tearing up the grass on the 50 yard line, but showing his jewels for the world-wide leader of sports to broadcast nation-wide, then he is nominated for Georgia Fan of the Year 1986.

But that's really all I've been able to come up with, perhaps if we win I can edit together a video for the bye-week and be ready to Nerd bash the following week with new material. Otherwise, have a great weekend and as usual...



George Houston said...

that video was nuts.

j.leonardjr said...

It is his field pass unfortunately. No nuts just plastic.

Mackie said...

If that is the case it was a rather unfortunate place to hang one's scrotum-colored field pass.

Oh well, made for good speculation.

Also, why would anyone have needed a field pass!??

Anonymous said...

No, it was a nut sack. I know that for a fact. Good eyes, Mackie.

Tom said...

wow, Auburn still using the fire hose method of crowd control in the 90's... wow