Saturday, November 29, 2008

Aw Hell.

...well, that sucked.

The worse parts of the loss?

1. The kind of day Mo Mass had we couldn't reward his last game between the hedges with a "W".

2. Terence Moore called it, so either we'll get a column with him gloating, or complaining about the lack of black coaches in the SEC (since Sylvester Croomed himself).

3. We obviously didn't field a very good scout team with our week off to prepare for the triple option.

4. I gotta hear about it at church tomorrow.

5. I can't joke about the triple option anymore this year...because it beat us.

The good news?

1. Tech didn't win their Division.

2. Having Tech score 45 points against us might speed up the departure of Willie Martinez.

3. We still don't play in the ACC.

4. I just saw a clip of the weather in Tallahassee, at least I'm not sitting in that quagmire.Pneumonia for Tebow? Alllll riiiiight!

Aside from all that garbage, does anyone know why we wouldn't try for an on-side kick with 4 minutes left? Given the fact our defense stopped Tech a whopping one time in the second half I figured we would at least try to keep our offense on the field.

It was a sloppy game, on a sloppy field, and we couldn't get the job done. But we only lost by 3 and that's within a pick 6's margin of error. Best of luck to the seniors, Knowshon, and Matthew next year wherever their career choice lands them. I just hate we're going to see Matthew Stafford in a Lions jersey next year (perhaps that will be enough to get him to stick around for another season???).

OOOO, I almost forgot, that was a HORSESH@# intentional grounding call...okay, now I'm done.


Scott said...

Martinez HAS to go away. We STILL have an incredibly undisciplined defense that is allergic to sound tackling (especially Jones and Ellerbe). One or two games I can put on the players, but a year's worth has to be traced back to coaching.

I don't blame the pick 6, because if the gnats had needed to score 60 in the second half they would have. We were utterly clueless.

Anonymous said...

Definitely was intentional grounding on that call, Staff was clearly in the pocket.

It's hard to blame Willie (even though I do) when Reshad Jones is playing like a double amputee.

Ally said...

You can't be serious. He was clearly waaaaaay out of the pocket and just overthrew Mo Mass. No way in hell that was IG.

And if it was, then why was Nesbitt called for IG in the next quarter.

the tri guy said...

I'll do some more numbers tomorrow, but I know right now that this defense was the worst in a generation. The question is, do we have any faith that it will improve in the future?

Ally said...

And to answer your question Mack - given how badly Blair muffed his last attempt at an onside kick, I can understand why CMR was hesitant. He was beyond putrid today.

He's a freshman and with his talent hopefully the sky's the limit with him. But I also think that hinges on getting a Special Teams Coach that knows what the F*CK they're doing. Dare to dream!

Unknown said...

It appears from the posts that everyone is ignoring the abysmal play of Blair Walsh. How can giving them field position on the 40 be a good thing? Can't we find a kicker that can put it in the end zone? Is that an artifact of a bygone era? I can't believe that kicking it out of bounds was an actual strategy of CMR. The guy has put way too many out of bounds this year. Special teams (both returns and coverage) have been an achilles along with the defense in pursuit of the fleet of foot. MS gets 400 yds passing with 5 TDs and we lose? That is poor defense and special teams. Don't put this one on the offense. I don't know if it is lack of passion, intensity, or pride, but there is something lacking.
I'm watching Alabama/Auburn and Fla/FSU - nice to see what execution looks like, even in sloppy weather. Who was the coach who said, when asked about the execution of his defense, "I'm in favor of it"?

I love my Dawgs and always will, and in some ways feel guilty for feeling bad about a 9-3 season, especially given our injuries, but, dang, just dang.

D said...

Good game.

Anonymous said...

Staff does not overthrow people that badly (10+ yards to a still target.. no way). He was definitely trying to throw the ball out of bounds; there's no argument there. The question is, was he out of the pocket. It was definitely close, but given that the ball was snapped on the far right hash and staff let the ball go at the hash, I'd say that puts him behind the center and subsequently in the pocket.

Agreed about not needing an onside kick though