Thursday, June 4, 2009

Not sports related...

...unless you consider eating a sport!

(I sweat when I eat so it's technically exercise...right?)

Entertain my rant for a moment, but I've got a craving for something that isn't served in the United States.

Long story short, over in Europe (and maybe elsewhere but I've only seen them in France and Italy) the McDonalds there serve a unique breakfast thingy. It's similar to the top of a chocolate chip muffin filled with chocolate and it's awesome. I believe it's called a "Mandise" overseas which loosely translates to "OMFG YOU GOTTA TRY THIS!" in English.

Here is a picture I was able to track down through McDonald's French website...
(click for grande)

If you're asking yourself why would he eat at McDonalds when he's overseas...well the answer is simple. I went to France first and just like the French people, their food sucks. I found a McDonalds and that's when I discovered the Mandise. Last year when the wife and I went to Italy I was able to track one down again because they make a great breakfast compared to the cold-cuts and cheese being served at the hotel.

Anyway, if any of you guys work at McDonald's and can convince someone to add these to the U.S. breakfast menu I will eat nothing but these for breakfast for a month just to prove my loyalty. Make it happen.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. I had the shut the "Mandise" out of my memory when we came back hom from Rome, because I knew I would have to go without. Now here you go bringing it back up again. It's cruel, and now I'm craving one.

Ally said...

You sweat when you eat?

The last trip i made to France was 10 years ago, and thankfully they did not have the Mandise otherwise i never would've come home.

My first trip to Germany i was served Nutella and champagne for breakfast. I almost didn't get back on my return flight then, until i was assured i could buy the choclotey goodness in the good old US of A. Its been a love affair ever since. I run 15 miles a week to prove it.

Anonymous said...

Ally: Mackalicious and I also started the love affair with Nutella after our trip to Rome. We have to buy it at Costco so there's enough to last more than a few days.

BigRigg said...

Eating is a sport, and I am an athlete. A world-class athlete.

Bernie said...

That McD's near the Spanish Steps is the fanciest one I've ever been in...and had the longest lines.

And Nutella on a warm croissant almost makes me forgive the french....for being, well...french.

Goat said...

I sweat when I eat Mackie Jumbalaya.

And Nutella is awesome.

Ally said...

Bernie: You can continue keeping that well-deserved grudge against the French b/c Nutella was created in Italy.

Mrs. Mack: You can buy it at Costco???!!! You have no idea how much my heart started racing when i read that, haha! Thanks - & love your blog, btw!