Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Link Dump

Just a few and ribbed for your pleasure.

-Apparently last Fall the terrorists finally won.

-Olive the News brings us a performing arts story every Auburn fan can hate, Bear Country. I see this thing taking the Tony's by storm after UBER-gay Adam Lambert takes on the roll of a young Bear Bryant on Broadway next year.

-Assuming he can count to 10 and make some grades, please welcome your newest Bulldog, the Rick Rogers...wait, what?...oh, I got it now...please welcome, Da'Rick Rogers.

-Most obscene caption involving Billy Bennett...EVER.

-If you haven't checked out Rex Robinson's blog might be worth it, just for this story and picture of him and Chris Collinsworth.

Work has me by the balls, I'll holla back giiiiiiiiirl.

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