Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pantsless Preview: Part IIII of IIIIIIIIII (10)

9.26.2009 Arizona State (Home)

Walt Disney in a Onesie

So if the season pans out like I've got so far, our Dawgs return to Athens with a 2-1 record. The ASU Sun Devils come to town and to be perfectly honest with you, I'm not expecting a huge challenge from this one.

Though we're coming off a tough 3 game stretch, ASU is yet another opponent who will have already taken a bye week in the first 3 weeks (Arkansas). After opening against Idaho State, the Sun Devils take a week off then play UL Monroe before traveling to the Classic City.

I'm expecting our Dawgs to take out some aggression on ASU. Just like us, the Sun Devils will be breaking in a new starting QB, Danny Sullivan, who has played second fiddle to Rudy Carpenter the last few years. I'm assuming Danny won't have the mouth on him that Rudy did, which will make moments like this slightly less enjoyable.

However I'm looking for our defense to terrorize Dennis Erikson's offense. Last year their Offense placed 100th overall in total production. Most of this was due to having a piss-poor excuse for an offensive line which was more than happy to let the other guys rub Rudy's face in the dirt. As I've said before I'm expecting Coach Martinez's defense to be much more improved from last year which doesn't bode well for anyone in Maroon and Gold trying to move the ball.

On Defense the Sun Devil's return a flop that rivaled "Land of the Lost" in Omar Bolden. Omar's freshman year was exciting and he earned himself a spot on the Freshman All-American roster. His sophomore year was a different story. He got fat and lazy which makes me believe he'd been hanging out with Andruw Jones during baseball season...HEY-Oooooo! He'd get burned by receivers and played with the consistency of the Braves Bullpen...ZING-A-ROOSKY!

If Omar Bolden gets his act together, paired with Senior DE Dexter Davis who is the best pass-rusher on the team, the Sun Devil's defense could be something special. Unfortunately if their biggest question mark deals with being able to stop our passing game, advantage UGA. My prediction involves an irate bunch of Georgia boys taking a much lesser Pac-10 school out to the woodshed in a 42-20 SHELLACKING!

This will be our rallying cry before the Tigers from Cajun Country come to town. It's the landmark game that will set the mood for the remainder of the season. We got our stupid loss out of the way, Joe Cox and Co. will be fired up and ready to make some heads roll. AJ Green, the SEC's best WR (regardless of what anyone from Alabama says) will have a 3 touchdown day and Arizona State will not be able to stop our passing game.

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