Sunday, June 14, 2009

Woooah Nelly, here we go.

Remember this time last year? When preseason polls and speculation had our boys sitting on top of the world. It wasn't a question of IF a Georgia player would win the was a matter of which one. The most modest fans had us losing 2 games, but those were the same downers who told not to take Tech for granted this year...PPPptptttttttt!

Alrighty, here we are one year older and one year wiser. Our last National Title was 1 year ago + 28 years. Our golden boys got a little tarnished, but that was before Maria Sharapova was here to give makeovers. Debbie Downer got her 2 loses +1...and, we can't wear our red & black without having 42-45 shouted at us (funny how they can stop their Second Life long enough to heckle in their first life with that stunning 1-7 record over the last 8 years).

But I've officially taken my step into reality for the 2009 season which is still so far out of reach dummies like me can do nothing better with their time than speculate. What is a Dawg fan to do after being told all last Summer he is invincible only to get 3 swift kicks to the sack? Well this year's episode of the Preseason Pantsless Preview will be served with a cold-fresh side of pessimism and you're gonna like it. Urban Meyer will not be betting me I'm a good enough dentist to pull my own tooth out this year.

My hope this week, with a slightly diminished workload, is to let you guys know where I'm expecting our team to be this year. I'll give you my win-loss predictions with point spreads so you'll know how much to withdrawl from the bank on your way to The Bellagio. This could get ugly, boys...I hope your sitting down.

Go Dawgs.

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Goat said...

That video was the gayest thing I've ever seen, not involving fake TT and/or DeMooney. But I did like the fact that you'll be steering clear of personal dental work.

My cheeks still hurt from laughing.