Friday, February 6, 2009

Today's "Ugh" Thing.

I love rock music. In my opinion I find it superior to all other genres of music. Saying that I'm also implying there are lesser forms of music. Therefore, allow me to express my disgust with this product.

Before I put my two cents in, I want to preface my rant with the fact I am a regular church going Christian guy. Now don't get me wrong, I understand there is a huge audience for Christian music. I do not enjoy it, nor am I really fond of it due to one primary reason.

There are only so many songs you can possibly write about a singular subject matter before it all becomes redundant.

That being said, I know the subject matter of Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll isn't quite the same family friendly stuff you find with most Christian artists.

BUT, it also brings up the issue of how much importance one allows him/her self to place on entertainment if you aren't competent enough to realize the following:

1. Musicians are artists, not role models.

2. Your life philosophy shouldn't be based on how catchy a rhyme or tune is.

3. No matter what the London subway wall tells you, Clapton isn't God (which is obvious because God's son died on a cross...not by falling out of a window).

So take from this what you will, but my greatest outrage is that "Guitar Praise" made it to shelves before "Banjo Hero". Now THAT I could get into!


George Houston said...

I've heard about Guitar Praise. A friend of mine has played it. We both like Christian Music however we think this is pretty cheesy.

But have you seen this one?

"Go ahead and sing all four all four verses because you’re the song leader."

This means a whole lot more if you grew up Church of Christ.

Sports Dawg said...

"Gimme that ole time religion". Traditional Christian music over contemporary any Sunday!