Monday, February 16, 2009

To all my readers, still out the daaaah'k.

Perhaps this is my inner Norma Desmond shining through, but I assume most of you have realized I haven't posted in a while. Between upcoming work deadlines, my truck getting totalled, and a midweek trip to Denver getting closer...I haven't had much time to provide explicit commentary on sportly events.

Regarding my truck getting totalled I should be able to go to the insurance impound to get some pictures this afternoon and hopefully post if they look really cool. Long story short, someone on Powers Ferry took a corner too fast and came head-on into my lane. They over corrected and fishtailed on a wet road allowing me to t-bone them at around 40mph. I've never been in an accident where my airbags deployed...if I'm never in one again I'll be just fine. No one was hurt, but my truck is totally cashed. The front axle is snapped making the drivers side wheel hang off at the most pathetic angle you've ever seen.

The good news is I was in the market for a new car and now don't have to worry about a buyer. The bad news is I doubt the guys insurance will give me what I could have made in a sell.

Aside from all that stuff, I'm announcing a weeklong break from my duties as a sports blogger. Hopefully with the advent of baseball upon us I'll reach some divine inspiration whilst adventuring around the mountainsides of Denver, CO.

Sorry to disappoint all my fans (...please stop laughing until I finish), but I'll make it up to you next week.


I wanted to let everyone know in regards to the things to get your wife for $80...

-I know better than to get my wife a vacuum cleaner, gym membership, or Lane Bryant gift card (...well, NOW I know better about the Lane Bryant gift card after an embarrassing trip to the mall).

-$12,000 gets you 1 Kilo of crappy cocaine (2.2 lbs). The good stuff runs you around $35,000 per kilogram. I'll let someone else do the math to figure out how much $80 gets you...because math was never my forte. Also, I have never actually done cocaine. The only thing to penetrate my nostril is the occasional index finger or Chihuahua tongue. I just find cocaine to be the most entertaining of the drug family...meth runs a close second.

-My wife and I celebrated an excellent Valentine's Day together by dining over homemade fish tacos and planning our little vacay to Colorado. Also, Fish tacos isn't slang for anything we actually enjoy authentic San Diego style fish tacos.


Streit said...

Sorry to hear you have joined the "Murdered Vehicle Club" like i did back in December. Glad to hear you are okay. I am still driving the loaner I got from Mom. Hopefully the insurance company treats you nicely.

Mackie said...

I switched from State Farm to Travelers 3 years ago. This is their first time under the microscope and so far I've been very pleased with their service. I should hear the money talk today, that will be the final test.

the tri guy said...

Glad you clarified about the fish taco thing....I made a terribly embarrassing good a few years ago when it turned out a spicy tuna handroll wasn't what I was thinking it was. I swear, those people in restaurants always overreact....

dean said...

I wasn't trying to insult your intelligence (believe me I'm not qualified) on the gym membership thing. I believe every married man knows, or for their sake I hope they know, not to by his wife an unwarranted gym membership. I was just being a wise ass. Same with the cocaine thing. Sorry if my comments were offending to you in any manner.