Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I could be pulling this out of my rectum, but for some reason I thought I remembered hearing Orson Charles would be announcing Wednesday the following week of National Signing Day.

...which would be today.

Am I out in left field on this?


Bernie said...

Bet that hurt...

Last I heard, he was visiting USC (the real one) on the 20th and would be deciding after that.

Ally said...

His plans changed when he delayed his trip to USC. He has a BBall tourney this weekend - that was the reason for the extra week's delay.

Florida State's been eliminated & he's leaning towards Floriduh.

I wouldn't bet the farm on him residing in Athens, fwiw.

Mackie said...

...bummer. Thanks for the updates, otherwise my misinformation lingers.

Sports Dawg said...

I agree with Ally, I don't think he will be wearing Red & Black. We'll be 0 for 2 with kids we held jersey numbers for(Greg Reid). I don't think I would promise an 18 year old kid anything anymore!