Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Stephen Hill

Stephen Hill has already committed to Tech twice. But the fact he is STILL wavering between UGA and Tech is hilarious to me. At this point I don't really care if this kid is a star receiver or a star waterboy, I just want him to come to UGA for the simple pleasure of knowing we stole someone Tech was excited about (and then watch them badmouth him for the next 4 years). I'm not banking on Hill becoming a Bulldog, especially without an official visit, but we should have an answer sometime today and last I checked we could use some more depth at WR.

Also, I was a little disappointed by Greg Reid's decision last night, but I guess it really came down to which team he felt best about losing to Florida with.

...looks like pessimism won out on that last statement. ouch.

Looks like he's sticking with the Nerds. I'm not heartbroken losing a 3 star recruit, especially when we penned Rantavious Wooten this morning.

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Bohgey said...

Mack, Here is the thing about Greg Reid. I am a Lowndes supporter and proud to have him as a product, but now that the dust settled around NSD, he has explained his reasoning for choosing FSU. Apparently, he wants to step right into the mix for Bowden. The bloggers on the AJC let him have it. The whole trying vs. earning time to play was an issue. He even said that Alabama was his first choice?! What the deuce does that mean, if it were his first choice, he'd end up there.