Tuesday, February 10, 2009

DJ Shockley Auto Show Appearance

When I was a kid, every year I was guaranteed a trip to the Auto Show downtown at the World Congress Center. With newspaper sales at an alltime high, the AJC is once again bringing us the 27th Annual Auto Show March 14th-22nd!

One of my favorite bonuses of the car show is the special appearances. Previous trips allowed me to get some pretty cool autographs. My most prized would be Hall of Fame pitcher Don Sutton. My least known, but I got anyway because other people were in line, was racecar driver Ward Burton...yeeeaaahhhh...I don't really do the NASCAR thing so if that means anything so anyone let me know.

I also have a funny story about a girl I was "dating" in middle school
(as much as it is possible to actually date someone when you don't have a car and her mother insisted on listening in to our phone calls). I got an autograph from NEW FALCON'S HEAD COACH DAN REAVES!!! (it was 1997). I asked Dan if he would mind signing an additional photo for my girlfriend, Sarah...which he did. Well the following Monday I packed my backpack for school and carried the autographed picture with extreme care for this girl. I finally met up with her during lunch-time and handed it to her with the biggest smile on my face just knowing I was about to blow her mind with such an awesome gift.

...she looked at me and asked "Who's this?"

To this day, the only autograph I have since given a woman was that of Robert Randolph (& the Family Band) whom I ran into at a bar in Paris, France. It was a ticket stub and I knew she was already a fan. I also was able to snag a busted drumstick from their drummer and a broken guitar string from his pedal-steel guitar. The even better news is I married the girl so I ended up getting it back!

But the real purpose of this post is that if you want a chance to meet former Bulldog QB, D.J. Shockley you now have that chance. He will be signing autographs on March 21st from 1-2pm. His Falcons teammate, DT Grady Jackson will be there from 2-3pm if you want to stick around for both.

They'll both be set up in the Ford exhibit (hopefully near a big screen looping CMR's F-150 spot) and it's a good chance to meet a guy with more character in his little finger than Michael Vick had in his whole entourage...kennels included.

More details...riiiiiight chare.


Anonymous said...

Were you really in middle school in 1997? If so, that makes me feel really old.

Mackie said...

I think you were in your second year of college then...right?

Ally said...

Holy crap, you were in middle school in 1997? Seriously?

You suck :P

Anonymous said...

Just a reminder that DJ will be there this Saturday, but he will now be appearing with Michael Jenkins.