Monday, June 28, 2010

New Look

Going into my 3rd year, I finally updated the layout of BloggingPantsless. I've also updated the "Know Thine Enemy" section for this year's opponents on the schedule.

Of course I couldn't find any hardcore Ragin' Cajun or 'Tater fans who have a blog dedicated to their favorite whipping boy, so those paychecks will have to wait.

Also, I might need a little help from those in the know. Being a small-time blogger I prefer to link other small-time guys in the Know Thine Enemy section, but sometimes I have to go with SB*Nation blogs.

Nothing against SB*Nation, but they don't need the clicks and us little guys get a thrill out of traffic so I try to help them out the best I can. I'm looking for blogs supporting the following teams:

-Mississippi State

Let me know if you guys run across any, I'd love to stick a poorly disguised attempt at humor (AKA, link name) to it and send a few clicks their way.

But let me know what you think of the new layout, I'm pretty proud of it and I think it'll last us a few more years. Or at least until the Mayan calendar or nuclear holocaust wipes everything off the face of the Earth except roaches and Williams Brice Stadium.

...both are faking dead and will get up and crawl away once you walk off.


ecdawg said...

Wow, your piece is even more impressive than the old. That and the photo Kafka reference may be too much for mere mortals!

Ally said...

This is your new look? The only thing different is your cannon looks bigger. Just like a man...

I keed :D - actually it looks great, really crisp & organized. I love it. And so glad you're still posting.

Thanks again for the well wishes-i'm a happy (and damn lucky) girl!

Mackie said...

Well, technically the image is reversed because the layout generator stacked titles over the picture. But really you're right...not much different, except the cannon is larger.