Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ole Miss Mascot Selection

Blogging Pantsless would like throw a hat into the Ole Miss Mascot Concept ring.

Say hello to Rebel, the Empty Sack! Because nothing says "Rebel" like caving into the demands of idiots.

Aside from this concept, my second favorite idea is Hotty & Toddy the "muppet-like" characters. Hopefully it'd turn out to be an odd-couple Sweetums & Pepe style muppet combo but really I just want their fightsong replaced with:

...because it really is like a kind of torture to have to watch Ole Miss football.

(Though still 100X more interesting than The World Cup.)


LT said...

I was really crossing my fingers for general Akbar.

Mackie said...

Yeah, I can admit the inner dork in me really wanted Admiral Akbar too but once the school caught wind of that movement they shut it down...not to mention the fact they don't own rights to the character.

amanda young said...

I don't get why people don't like OK Go's version of the theme song? It's catchy and if you really listen to it, it keeps to the beat of the original music.. any other band would have butchered the original music and made it something completely different.. but that's my opinion, I like both. Amanda Vanderpool