Thursday, July 1, 2010

Coach Richt: Soul Saver

A little while ago, my wife and I rented Facing the Giants. If you're familiar with the movie it's a pretty basic, low-budget football movie shot by a group out of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, GA.

My cousin recommended it and said Coach Richt made a guest appearance so that was enough for me...shoot, it's only $1/day from RedBox. But the movie was alright, the acting isn't going to win any awards and there were a few continuity issues, but it is what it is.

While I have SEVERAL theological issues with the storyline, I think most people of Christian belief can agree the movie means well. But I found this supplemental material on YouTube and wanted to share something I thought was interesting.

In reading the comments posted under this video, I came across this one:

That's why he can't win the big one. Too complacent. Too concerned with saving souls than winning games.

Of course opinions are like football conferences and this guy's is the ACC, but I'm as skeptical of fundamentalists as the next guy. Though the one thing I will never question regarding Coach Richt is his sincerity. Say what you will about his priorities, but I'll take a Coach Richt who never wins "the big one" over a Lane Kiffen who might dips#*t his way into a National Championship victory over Ohio State (once USC gets off probation).

That being said, I'm assuming terms that UGA football remains competitive in SEC play. I doubt even Jesus would keep his job as head coach if the Dawgs posted a string of losing seasons. (AND I SAY THAT KNOWING THAT JESUS WOULD NOT USE HIS MIRACLE POWERS TO WIN A GAME BECAUSE DESPITE WHAT TIM TEBOW'S EYE-BLACKS TOLD YOU JESUS DOESN'T CARE ABOUT FOOTBALL) I can hear the call in shows now, "Yeah Hondo, now I think Jesus is a great guy and he's my Lord & Savior and everything...but that call to go for it on 4th and long against LSU was just bad coaching. I'll hang up and listen to ye."

If I've offended your religious beliefs, I apologize. As football fans I think even Muslims would agree that Mark Richt is a helluva coach, regardless of his infidel status. I think it's his sincerity that recruits appreciate and they strive to perform well because you don't want to let the man down. So if he's not a great actor, I can look past that...but one thing you can't look past is that he's still a better actor than Urban Meyer.

Here's to Coach Richt, a damn good Dawg if you ask me.

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amanda young said...

what a classy guy. wining football games is a big thing, but what coach Richt is doing is monumental. keep working hard Georgia the Lord has blessed UGA! Amanda Vanderpool