Monday, July 12, 2010

Why We Won't Lose to USC

It's getting to the point where before too much longer every Georgia fan (myself included) will being making bold predictions regarding the wins/loses of our beloved Dawgs for the 2010 season.

I'm seeing a trend that many fear our first lost will come at the hands of South Carolina.

-Road Game, in one of the worst places to ever see a football game.
-No0b QB
-USC has an experienced team

-Our new defense hasn't faced an SEC opponent yet...well, technically true.

Our new defensive scheme will not have faced an SEC opponent. But our new Defensive Backs Coach, Scott Lakatos, coached the secondary of UConn last year and held the 'Cocks to 7 points and Stephen Garcia to a completion percentage of 42%.

So it is correct to say our new and (hopefully) improved defense hasn't faced a conference opponent. BUT to say our defensive coaching staff doesn't know what they're getting into couldn't be more wrong (which no one is saying, just thrown out for dramatics). Lets just hope Coach Lakatos kept his Trapper Keeper full of notes from UConn DC Todd Orlando, I think they'll come in handy.


Bernie said...

Two things are for sure: it'll be sweaty butt crack hot and it'll come down to 4th quarter play. I think Grantham eats their O-line up, burps and then helps Garcia watch the rest of the game from the bench, licking his wounds.

Mackie said...

I think every Dawg fan needs to take initiative in Columbia. Every two years when we play there, each person should plant a sapling tree around the stadium. At some point in the future there will be large trees to provide shade and a reasonably comfortable tailgating scenario.

amanda young said...

The more you know of USC team are showing their dedication to their fans.. so they keep playing for good so that they dont lose.. Amanda Vanderpool CEO