Monday, June 28, 2010

"Journalistic" Douchebaggery

According to the Orlando Sentinel's 2010 Countdown, Jeremy Fowler has UGA going 5-7*

The best comment thus far is by Macallanlover who call's Jeremy out and tells him to stick his money where his mouth is:

"...I will bet you a 5 figure amount UGA is closer to #1 than than #64 at the end of the year, and give you 2-1 odds. With those odds, that should be a no-brainer Jeremy. You have access to my email address if you would like to set this up with a 3rd party holding the money."

One thing I wouldn't put money on is Mr. Fowler actually taking this guy up on his offer. But not to be outdone, I've got the Florida Gators ranked at number 119 just above Western Kentucky (120), but below FIU (118) sit & spin, Fowler!

*That is assuming he thinks we're good enough to beat Division I-AA opponent Idaho State which isn't ranked in the D1 list of schools. Otherwise mark us down as a good, solid 4-8 team.

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