Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Coach Richt's Call for Warming

Per Marc Weiszer's blog:

“I’m kind of hoping for a hot summer,” Richt said. “I’m hoping our guys get acclimated to a real hot summer. There’s been seasons when we’ve had a real mild summer and then all of a sudden that opening game or first couple of games, it’s just smoking hot. It’s hard to be ready for that unless you practice in it, so I’m hoping we get some good heat in the summer and get used to it.”

I did my best to find the clip of Drew Carey doing his stand-up routine where he complains about how cold it is up north during winter so he's standing outside emptying cans of hairspray trying to speed up global warming. Unfortunately I couldn't find it...so completely unrelated, here is George Carlin's rant on global warming instead.

I don't believe in Global Warming, but I do believe in Coach Richt. If you believe in Coach Richt AND Global Warming, here are some tips to add additional heat to Summer and getting our boys ready for the early kickoff heat!

-Paper or Plastic? BOTH! Double bag those suckers.

-Stop your trash service and burn your garbage instead.

-Pave your yard.

-Drive...to the mailbox.

-Air conditioner set at 60 with the windows open.

-Discard old paint buckets and oil cans in your local flowing water-source.

-Cut down trees and whittle them down to toothpicks. (it would help to have Raymond Scott's "Powerhouse" playing in the background while you do so for maximum Looney Tunes effect)

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amanda young said...

Yes and that personality must be taking care of! by means of kindness to one another...Amanda Vanderpool