Monday, February 1, 2010

Jeff Whitaker Announcing Today

I know Signing Day is a couple days away, but unless I'm mistaken, Warner-Robins' defensive lineman Jeff Whitaker will be announcing his decision today.

Apparently this kid could be the future of CTG's D-Line at nose tackle. We're in the running with OurBarn and Miami, but I see this as being the first big splash for our defense and a recruiting victory for Grantham if he chooses UGA.

Here's his bio per Rivals...

Why I like our chances:
I like the placement of the "official visit", we came after Auburn, and before Miami. That puts forward the perfect scenario of going from Auburn (beyond Thunderdome) to Athens (indoor plumbing + electricity + 5 Star Day Cafe) to Miami (rampant gun-violence and Scarface scenarios).

Plus the kids from in-state and appears to have a good head on his shoulders.

Why he might not sign:
Per David Hale's post, Mr. Whitaker is quoted as saying:
"The thing I tell people all the time is that Georgia will be great with me or without me. It’s a great football program, and they have a great coaching staff."

...of course this was made last week and he might not have been trying to appear biased one way or the other. I like the kid, I want him as a Dawg and whomever he signs with will have a heckuva player.

AJC is reporting a 2PM announcement. They are assuming he's leaning Auburn...we'll see.


The Watch Dawg said...

I'd rather have been 1st or last. You know what they say about giving speeches/presentations. Never want to be sandwiched in the middle.

Ally said...

he announces at 2pm. Pretty confident he's going to the Plains :(

Not only is he an amazing athlete but he'a simply a stellar young man. Praying he makes a last minute switch to UGA, but if not i certainly wish him all the best. Whichever program lands him, will be getting a 5 star human being.

Bernie said...

Sorry I'm late to comment, just think it's great you're entering the recruiting arena Mack. Does this mean I can count on you being at Butts-Mehre Wed morning? I'll buy you a doughnut....

As per Whitaker, agree with Ally that the real upside with him is his awesome attitude. Guess you read the part about him not doing the old college cap routine out of respect to the coaches who recruited him. That's just something you don't hear much outta these super studs. Refreshing.

Oh well...

Mackie said...

I usually crank a few things out with recruiting, but I don't have the time to make a trip to Athens. Perhaps when blogging starts paying better.

Until then, I'll just take what everyone else writes and claim it as my own.