Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Your Favorite Olympic Athlete

The year, 1992. The Winter Olympics were held in Albertville, France. YouTube didn't exist...and neither did their "Embedding disabled by request" policy.

Few people remember this, but all Georgia fans had the same favorite Olympic bobsledder that year. Unfortunately the Olympic uniforms didn't include printing "34" in twelve inch lettering on the back.

Also, I remember 2 years ago watching replays of this video and thinking "Herschel Walker is doing MMA?!?"

After he demolished the competition in his first MMA fight last month, someone label Herschel Walker the "Alpha Human" on Twitter. You'll get no argument outta me. At 48 years old, if the man wanted to wear a bedazzled unitard and ice-dance with Johnny Weir, I wouldn't tell him no.
Do not poke the bulldog, or he will bite.

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amanda young said...

It's seems to be UFC in the house!! I like watching UFC always.. amanda vanderpool fashion