Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kiff my @$$ goodbye!

I caught a glimpse of something on Twitter last night as I sat gorging myself with dinner while watching The Biggest Loser.

It was an update from @SchadJoe which stated: "USC has hired Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin, sources say"

I almost fell all over myself immediately sexting friends and sources hoping and praying this was true.

It only took a tweet from the AJC to verify "Alabama Coach Lane Kiffin to replace Pete Carroll at USC" ...(chirp).......(chirp). Real bang-up job AJC Twitter feed. I'd love to link but it has mysteriously disappeared...imagine that.

But I want to verify WHY exactly I'm happy about Lane Kiffin's departure. Example: I was flying out of Hartsfield one morning with my wife. As we waited for the TSA numb-nuts to herd us through security, a lady and her son cut in front of my wife and I. It was apparent they were running late, (which isn't my problem) yet had they asked we would have let them through...but they didn't. Therefore we gleefully watched as the lady got pulled aside for a random search of her luggage, which I'm sure was done in a timely fashion.

Moral of this story? It's good to see people get what they deserve. Tennessee fans bought into all the garbage Lane Kiffin was spewing from the beginning. They loved a coach who was mouthing off to Urban Meyer and energizing their fanbase. So when Kiffin skips town for a job in L.A. they are essentially having the rug pulled out from underneath them. They supported their unproven coach when he was running his mouth and pissing off the conference. So if you want my sympathy, you will find it in the dictionary between "sh*t" and "syphilis".

Takin' his rap lyrics and headin' West like Kanye.

There are a few disappointing things about Kiffin's departure:

#1. He went undefeated against UGA...this I LOATHE!

#2. Chances are, whomever replaces him will be a better coach making UT a better team...except maybe... (PLEASE, OH PLEASE, OH PLEASE HIRE GRUDEN)

#3. The SEC just lost a lot of character with this douche's departure.

...that's all I got. God speed, Mr. Kiffin. I can't wait for the Trojan fans to eat you alive and NOT follow you blindly like the Vols did.

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