Friday, January 15, 2010

Blue Skys Ahead

Just got word it's all official. Our nightmare is over! No more DCRotD posts!
(film from me and Bernie's church choir last X-mas)

For a taste of our new DC, here is Grantham breaking down the Denver running game.

...yes, the Cowboys lost to Denver this year (17-10), but only because Tony Romo threw a game-tying TD pass into Champ Baileys wingspan with 1 second left (GO DAWGS!)

Also, unless I'm mistaken it's pronounced "GRAN-thum" instead of "Grant-ham"...right? Who cares, as long as he's ours!

Sorry ladies, no more questions. It's time for me to GATA!


Berryfine said...

You are correct in the pronounciation of his last name. I have never been so proud of my own last name as I am today- GO DAWGS!

amanda young said...

It was at night and I saw a Christmas tree it was probably a Christmas play at church. I'm not saying it is,but for opinion I think it was a Christmas play at church. Amanda Vanderpool