Monday, December 21, 2009

A Kick in the Pants

Wow, you see the date on the post below this one? The one that reads November 24th? Well if your memory serves you right that was posted before Washaun Ealey ran this state.

As far as blogs go, there is an internet wasteland full of failed ventures. When I decided 2 football seasons ago to start Blogging Pantsless I was determined not to let it join the ranks of (insert name of dead blogs here).

Well, it appears as though I'd gone through a drought of spare-time and creativity. But today is my birthday, and my wife got me the coolest thing I couldn't have even guessed.

You know what this is? This is the complete 1st year of Blogging Pantsless in print. Apparently I had a lot more to write about during the 2007-2008 season because the damn thing is 250 pages long. I put a pencil in the side for a little perspective of thickness...

Here are a few excepts you die-hard pantsless fans might recall...
(this was when I photoshopped Tebow with Tyrone Biggums crackhead gear)

(ah the old, who would play the role of (SEC Coach) in a movie post...lolz)

There hasn't been any lack of news to write about, my work has just been crazy as we wrap up 2009. This gift was just the thing I needed to remind me how much I enjoy doing this. I'll get better, I promise...sometimes we just need a kick in the pants to remind us why we do the things we do. Thanks, Sweetie.


Ally said...

Just curious, how many times a week do you think to yourself "i have the most wonderful wife on the planet"?

Wow. Very cool gift indeed! I never would've thought of that. How thoughtful.

Happy Birthday & Merry Christmas to you both. Hope a fixed furnace was your next present today.

Bernie said...

That's cooler than Crisco, Mack. If it includes the comments, I expect a percentage of the royalties.

FWIW, my wife's fave Pantless post was your preview to the Academy Awards. To be honest it was one of my favorites as well. Mainly cuz I think that whole Oscar thing is a bigger farce than the BCS. And that's saying sumpin'.

Happy Birthday! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

George Houston said...

That rocks!!! Where / How did she make that?

Happy Birthday!

amanda young said...

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