Thursday, December 31, 2009

DCRotD: Vagueness Edition!

Oh boy, this is a GOOD one! Gotta thank Hamp Tanner for this one, but as far as vague rumors go this is not only the "vaguest" but it's also the "rumoriest".

Per Hamp:

"An unnamed person who owns an unnamed bar in an undisclosed location told me tonight that his source told him that CMR already has a committed DC. Said he could not tell me who it is."


What makes this great is the extreme ambiguity of a guy who doesn't want to be named telling Hamp that his unnamed source told him that Coach Richt already has his man...but can't tell us who it is.

(slow clap aimed at Fernandina Beach)

that can only mean 1 thing:

Our next Defensive Coordinator will be....

Tyrone Nix

Special thanks to Hamp for the initial offering and Kit Kitchens for the two-fer!

Don't worry folks, this can't go on for much longer, the AJC is already reporting that John Chavis isn't denying the rumors he's headed to Georgia. OMG, did I just blow your mind with a three-fer!?!?


Hunker Down said...

Love your common sense approach to coping with the DC search drama. Rumors can be fun, and you are proving it daily.

reipar said...

By far the funniest blog far.

Bernie said...

DCRotD is the perfect balance. As informative as other legitimate sites such as FootballScoopDOTcom and yet close enough to Mother Earth to keep it real.