Tuesday, December 29, 2009

DC Rumor of the Day

Firstly I'd like to congratulate our boys on a great win in Shreveport last night. What started off as an ugly first-half (hmm...imagine that) got turned around with a quickness during the last 30. Best of luck to the seniors, thanks for your services to the Dawg Nation. It's been a great 4 or 5 years.

But back to business:

This gem came piping hot outta the velvet throat of Ron Franklin last night. While calling the Advocare V100 Independence Bowl (and taking a break from using the words "open field tackle" and "Washaun Early" for 5 minutes) I'll paraphrase the latest rumor as best I can:

"Our very own Joe Schad is reporting that Mark Richt has turned his eyes to the ranks of the NFL in his search for a new defensive coordinator...Ed do you like my new trench coat?"

Not verbatim, but something like that was said last night. The only reason this lands as Rumor OTD is because it comes on the heels of everyone thinking John Chavis and Mark Richt have worked out some backroom deal. You know...because Michigan will be coming after Les Miles and Chavis, though portly and mustachiod, doesn't enjoy the cold weather like you'd think a fat guy with a mustache would.

Also, if you're "doing the Twitter" as my mother would say, following @SchadJoe might be one of the more reliable sources for info regarding our DC search...sadly enough.

Mr. Schad broke the Willie firings before it was confirmed by UGA and he also had a late-night Tweet-a-thon covering the Vic Koenning fiasco as it unfolded. Like him or not, Joe Schad has someone feeding him info whether it's good or bad...well, use your filters wisely.


BulldogBry said...

I caught that NFL comment last night. I'm beginning to think that there's a campaign to deliberately throw everyone off the trail on the DC search. If it is, in fact, a search still.

Mackie said...

I might agree with you, if the athletic department was concerned about a leak after the Willie firing. Misinformation might be the way to go if the deal is already done. If nothing else it reveals the mole.

Bernie said...

Speaking of World Wide Leaders...alum Schlabach was on 790 yesterday and feels that CMR will make one last run at Smart after the MNC. If unsuccessful, he'll turn to Grantham (Cowboys DL coach).