Monday, December 28, 2009

Favorite DC Rumor of the Day

Though technically it could have been the "Rumor OTD" 4 days ago, it's still a fun one.

Per a message board user WLAYTON:

This was just emailed to me from my contact....very interesting and exciting.

There is a guy claiming that Richt has his DC decided, and it will be announced Jan. 2nd. I don’t know who this guy is because the guy won’t say. He says it was shared with him in the STRICTEST of confidence because the guy is coaching right now. However, the guy said that it’s one of the top 3 defensive coordinators in college football. He said that it is NOT Kirby. He said the guy has 10+ years as a defensive coordinator, and his defenses are consistently top 3 in the land. He said UGA fans will be VERY excited. Maybe Brent Venables from Oklahoma? Maybe Chavis from LSU? I don’t know…

The guy could be full of it, but that’s what he’s saying.

Again, I have no more verification than anyone (see two posts below where I select my new DC based on fictitious cinema) but rumor mongering went stale on me the first week of December. Now the fun is watching the rumor mongerers and sorting out who is legit and who is full of crap.

For the record I left the land of legit when I predicted UGA would win the East this year...BWAHAHAHA!!1

As I told the great Rex Robinson, "...if you weren't such a credible source you wouldn't have these problems (with scrutiny). Me? I try to stay away from credibility."

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Ludakit said...

Sadly enough that guy is on the DawgVent (the one that started the bogus rumor). Also sadly enough he has "Kitt" in his name.

I can't even begin to tell you the texts and emails I got from people thinking it was me. People should know by now that all I do is talk out of my ass. I have sources like Urban Meyer has "truths."

I can't wait until all this mess is over.