Thursday, April 16, 2009

Farewell John Madden

The Great Turducken himself is calling it quits at the ripe old age of 73. Lets face it, the guys getting pretty dang old and will celebrate his 50th wedding anniversary this Fall. I don't blame the guy, after a while you begin to realize you can see the games much better from the comfort of your living room than from a press box.

I doubt anyone will ever get athlete's foot and not think of John Madden. Hopefully this doesn't end his videogame franchise as well!

The closest I've ever gotten to John Madden was seeing Frank Caliendo at The Punchline off Roswell Rd. So in your honor John, here's your commercial for the QuickPop Popcorn Popper.


Streit said...

You stole my John Madden Popcorn popper idea! (I was typing the post when I saw yours.)

Goat said...

Thank God, finally.

RedCrake said...

My favorite Maddenism...used more times than I can count:

"Insert team here is down by 6 with 1 minute left, so they are gonna need to score a touchdown."

Thanks for the riveting commentary John.