Friday, April 24, 2009

...aaaand we're baaaaaack!!!

Man, it's been a while ain't it?

I've been plugging away at work trying to get as much done as possible so that's my excuse for no posting. To make it up to you I'm dumping some links out on the table...

Per the Senator, these things will be the target of endless ridicule. I respectfully disagree, but only for lampoon purposes. I believe this idea is created for the same people who get a kick out being tacky, such as myself. If they ever slapped a UGA logo on a BabyBjorn I'd be all over the idea of spawning a child just to carry it around.

Hey remember when all hell broke loose and the Georgia Basketball team won the SEC?!? Well, after 1+ year the Weston is finally getting new windows.

Coach Richt is seeking an NCAA waiver to attend the graduation of Chris Burnette. Being that I spent the 4 wildest years of my life in Troup County (for college), I assume Chris isn't the same kind of douchebag townie highschool kid who would come to our fraternity house asking for beer and wanting to hang out. He didn't make Valedictorian like we thought he would, but you can't complain when when a recruit is hanging with the top.

President Obama just gave me enough non-political incentive to dislike him with the picture on this page.

I wish the best for Matthew Stafford, I really do. I'm a bit torn though. While I want UGA to have a former QB be the 1st overall pick in the 2009 draft...I really don't want him in Detroit. Me thinks 85% Detroit selects the Texas native as their new face, but just knowing what awaits him makes me a little disappointed. However, I think it'd be hilarious if he intentionally didn't throw to Calvin Johnson (even though he's my only hope of the Lions making this selection a good thing).

Finally, this weekend holds great promise of me doing something stupid and it being televised. Mrs. Mackalicious will be running in the 2009 chickEKIDEN 26.2 Mile Relay up in Gainesville tomorrow morning. I'll be going with her just to cheer on the sidelines. My first order of business will be to land a spot near the Georgia Traveler TV cameras. Georgia Traveler is a show on GPTV that highlights random stuff around the state. I'll let you know when it airs and if I made any high/low-lights.

So thanks for the timeoff, I should be back on my game next week.

Happy Friday, suckers.

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Goat said...

The dude in the snuggie article, though pictured with two attractive females could not look more gay (unless his name was Tea-Beau).