Friday, April 10, 2009

Statistical Gayness

Judging by the poll I placed up earlier this week Dawg fans by a nearly 3-to-1 ratio would like to see the Black Jerseys on G-Day. It only makes since since it is called "Red vs Black", but I think it goes far beyond titular accuracy (ha, titular).

I'm of the opinion this sample of 40 hardcore Dawg fans (because who else goes looking for college football news in April) tells of our continued affection for said Black Jerseys. Though this group only represents .0431% of the capacity of Sanford Stadium; with an 80% favorability ratio it essentially expands out to 74,197 who favor Black Jersey representation on G-Day to 18,549 who would rather just see the traditional White Jersey (if a capacity crowd were polled at the game).

Though I personally would like to see most our boys in the green jerseys, that wouldn't make for a very interesting G-Day (unless the Lettermen guys wanted to leave their flags out there when they were done). Can you tell I'm paranoid of injuries?!?

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Mackie said...

I obviously did the math on this too early...more votes this morning dropping it to 75/25.