Friday, March 13, 2009

(occurances that shall not be named)

As many of you know I'm a slightly superstitious person (see GameDay traditions) and I hesitate to bring this up for fear of jinxing it. Therefore I will refer to them as (occurrences that shall not be named).

You know what I'm talking about, and it is still early yet. But I think the best way for the Georgia Bulldogs to prove they are serious about improving team discipline would be to completely eliminate off-season (occurrences that shall not be named).

Of course, like I said, it's still WAAAAAY early. But the fact Everyday Should Be Saturday already has their Fulmer Cup scoreboard up again shows it's openseason for off-season (occurrences that shall not be named).

A tall order? You're damn right it is, do you know how tough it is not to jay-walk in Athens?!? But the coaching staff has gone so far beyond beating a dead horse on the penalties/discipline issue it is nearing the point of necrophilia and molestation charges. There is a fiery red-headed team leader who is stepping up to take charge and will play Little Spoon to no know.

So that's my challenge to the Dawgs this Summer. Focus on your game, not your downtime. This will prevent off-season (occurrences that shall not be named) AND improve your skills/talent. If you want to party, party in the weight room. You can do either to the point of vomiting...believe me I know because I puked in the bushes outside the Marietta Salvation Army office when I thought I could hang with my wife's bootcamp class.

Our 2009 class is finalized, we got who we wanted. Now it's time for the coaching staff and upperclassmen to step up and mould these guys into NO LIMIT SOUL-JA's so we don't get our fudge packed when I make a trip down to Jacksonville this Fall.


...also Happy Friday, suckers.

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