Friday, March 20, 2009

Good Lord

This garbage comes up every year, unfortunately by Georgia fans.

I'll be making my first trip to Jacksonville this year. I think one of the most exciting aspects of college football is going to a football game AWAY from your stadium (be it neutral site or not) and winning outside of your friendly confines. Yes, we haven't done a terribly good job of doing that the last 20 years, but you don't chance the tradition until you change your record. If we bitch and moan about moving the site while we're losing the game 4 out of every 5 years we look like a bunch of Yella' Fellas (sorry Osmose).

No problem Mackie, hey hows that deck coming?

Vince Dooley didn't need to play Florida at Atlanta Fulton County Stadium, Coach Richt doesn't need to play the Gators in the Dome. What we need to do is stop pooping our pampers at the aura of a football team every year. We don't lose homefield advantage if a stadium is half red pants and half jean shorts between the goalposts.

From what I gather from the diehard fans who make the trek every year, half the fun is skipping a 1/2 week of work (WED), driving down to St. Simons for golf and beach time (THURS/FRI), tailgating & catching the game (SAT), confessing sins against your fellow man and driving home (SUN).

What's say we start wearing our ovaries on the outside and play some dad-blamed football?!?!


the tri guy said...

The Florida program that Vince got to beat up on for 25 years is MILES away from the juggernaut down there now. By no means do I think the location is the reason we lose down there every year, but I do think it is the reason we piss ourselves. Something about those teal seats causes our guys to come unglued. Florida has enough natural advantages working in its favor, playing its most important conference rival 70 miles from home every year is one they simply don't need anymore.

George Houston said...


I'll be makeing my first trip to the WLOCP this year too.