Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Comparison: Rotten Apples to Oranges

...if Paul Westerdawg doesn't have to update, then I don't either!

Sorry posting has been light, work is a harsh mistress right now.

Until then I want you to check out my buddy The Goat(or as his ambulance chasin' lawyer buddies call him "Joe")'s blog, A Lucid Interval. At the moment he's covering mostly Braves stuff but I'm sure once football season rolls around he'll be all over the Dawgs.

As a little backstory, The Goat was one of my college roommates. Over the course of the second half of my freshman year this made him completely repulsed by the following:

-Pink Floyd
-Older women
-PT Cruisers
-Roommates who only wear band t-shirts
-Roommates who only sleep on the couch
-Green throw-up on St. Patricks Day
-Red throw-up on Valentines Day
-Pastel colored throw-up on Easter
-Miller High Life

He put up with a lot of my crap until I moved into the fraternity house...then he was able to reach equilibrium while my life continued to spiral out of control.

Last year he did travel with me out to the wasteland of Columbia, SC for the nightmare of a football game the Dawgs played against USC. Sure it was mid-90's, no wind, no clouds, no shade, no gas on the drive home...but Georgia won so I shouldn't complain. It could have been worse though, if I was a USC fan I would have to spend 1/2 a season out in that warehouse district.


Anonymous said...

Paul's update at 6pm doesn't count.

Anonymous said...

All good times.